At the church Reiji tells Eren that Cal is alive and is working for Inferno as the phantom assassin. he explains how he had promised her that they would both die and be together. Blaming himself for having introduced her into the darkness of the underworld. Lizze and Scythe Master begin an Operation to kill off a Chinese mafia along with his former comrade ho helped him escape Inferno last time but Scythe master doesn't care about human life. The operation was about Inferno helping the Goto group dispose a rival Chinese mafia from establishing a foothold in the region. As the operatives begin to take action, Scythe Master explains that Phantom can end the operation in ten seconds coincidentally Drei appears to crash the mafias' meeting and kill all of them including all of Lizzie's operatives which was proven since one tried to save her from an ambush and shoots him and the ambusher. Lizzie disapproves the way Scythe handled the situation. She is later told by Scythe that Cal/ Drei has problems since she couldn't end her relationship with Reiji, that in order for Drei to become the true phantom she has to kill Reiji by her own hands. Reiji, Eren and their group of friends have lunch together, but Eren is called away after receiving an unknown package. The package was a bullet sent by Drei for a meeting at the church and she departs. Reiji loses track of her and instead encounters Scythe. Scythe Master is reading a German book about the European middle ages of the Christianity era when Zwei walks up behind him. Scythe explains to Zwei as he knows him by that name, that since he had regained his will as Reiji he is a failure compared to Ein but despite that he was a forerunner for Drei. Scythe was targeting Cal since back in America as a way of punishing Reiji and made her an assassin, similar to Zwei when he regained his true self as Reiji but instead of brainwashing or mind control he turned her love for him into pure hate as a result drei was created. Unlike Zwei who remembered his true as Reiji and Reiji being the one to control Zwei's power, Drei is unable to revert back to her true self sleeping within and Drei is the one in control, existing using Cal's emotions especially hate and her memories. Scythe thanks Zwei for leaving Cal behind for him to find and hints that Eren is being targeted by her. At the church, Drei introduces herself to Eren.