Season 1, Episode 13
Air date June 25, 2009
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Isaac orders Randy his personal assassin to find who took the five million dollars from the crime scene, that is. Cal. Isaac stumbles upon Lizzie who was doing recon for Reiji but was found by a suspicious Isaac making her tell him everything. Reiji is accused by Isaac of lying to hide Cal away from him as he wanted to interrogate Cal regarding the shootings in his turf and the five million dollars. Isaac hearing a sound in the background of the apartment realizes Reiji is harboring the girl. Reiji decides to protect the girl no matter what but Isaac decides instead of bloodshed let the head of inferno decide what goin on, McGwire. Reiji reveals that he knew all along that Cal didn't see who the attacker was and that she was lying but also was he about his assassin friend who was Lizzie. Reiji and Lizzie face McGuire, Isaac and Claudia on whether the former was hiding something from them. He promises to train Cal to be an assassin like him as he claimed she has the potential to be a killer like him. He doesn't want her to be an assassin but for her safety a front must e shown to inferno to make it believable. Before going to the meeting, Cal showed him the $5 million dollars she hid from the scene after Judy was killed by stray gun fire and pleading to him to kill those responsible for Judy's death yesterday. In the end, Reiji is conflicted on how he could avenge Judy's death and train Cal to be a successful assassin but at the same time not let her follow his dark path.