Mio wakes up in her bed and goes to meet her mother who explain how things was with her and her father that her father was alive and that she is in a similar situation with Reiji. mio relaizes that she doesnt belong in the world Reiji is in and calls and tell him where Cal and Elen intend to meet. Drei drinks beer when ghosts of the people she has a connection with appears before her when she explains to them that being phantom was all she ever wanted and that she doesnt want it revert back to Cal. Reiji goes to the church to meet Elen where he decides he will kill drei and free Cal soul. Drei evetual arrives at the church to meet Reiji where they deul and before she loses we could hear Cal's voice wishing for the salvation she wanted, that is, a world for both Reiji and her to be together. When she is shot god shows Cal that she and Reiji was always meant to be together. When she comes to from the voice Cal is using we see that she has reverted back to her true self. Reiji and Cal agree that they both got the salvation they wanted to go to their own worldd. Reiji comforts her while she quietly dies in his arms. Scythe master appears from the darkness ready to end everything and that the timne had come for his phantoms to duel against the phantoms of good.