To appease Daisuke Goto, Claudia shoots and kills Isaac as the one responsible for the sniper attack. Later, Reiji confides to Lizzie that the sniping occurred after Randy Weber was killed, which means it wasn't part of Isaac's plan. Reiji plants the money that Cal stole at Wisemel's mansion to implicate him further in his treachery. If Wisemel was the one responsible for Judy's death and the crime spree then the money would belong to him. At the apartment Cal offers to help Reiji in his assassinations but he doesn't want her to get involved any further but Cal still wants to help Reiji, as she feels isolated as Reiji is alone in this assassin lifestyle. Reiji explains to Cal that he hates himself for becoming an assassin and that he can't stop killing no matter what he does in this life since as he exists as a part of phantom Zwei. He angrily tells her off. He explains to her that if he wasn't in the world of the living all the people that Zwei killed and in extesion him would still be alive. During the conversation with Cal she asks why he kills, if not for duty or anything else what was the reason. Cal realizes that he wasn't killing because he wants to but because he has too it was his karma, he has a higher purpose setup for him by God but Cal doesn't want to be separated from him and wants to be together with him, crying he explains that he wanted to return. When he says return he means to go back to a world of happiness, joy and love. A world where he can truly be together with Cal and he finally says to God to let him go to Cal's world when he dies and is finally free of Zwei. Cal confirms to his plea and says she will come to his world, (his world of darkness). During this scene the locket watch is emphasized. meanwhile Scythe master reveals himself (Scythe master and the second in command of the Goto clan Shiga had their own plans), Scythe Master had Ein frame Reiji making him the killer of one of the Goto clan's men, resulting in them thinking he was responsible for all the killings. Scythe Master smiles as everything is proceeding as planned and he will get his revenge on Claudia. The leader of the Goto clan and his brother force Lizzie to call Reiji and trick him into coming into a trap. Reiji leaves the apartment promising to become his true living self one again.