"Taika" (大火)

Season 1, Episode 6
Air date May 07, 2009
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The Past
The surviving members of Tony's mafia plan revenge against Inferno by planning to release crucial information on certain mobsters who are suspecting of supporting Inferno from behind the scenes to discredit and make the outside world aware of its existence and as a result be eliminated from the inside because Inferno relies on absolute secrecy of it's affairs. However, Inferno in aware of Tony Stone's plan, Scythe master seizes the opportunity with his own secret agenda in mind and proposes a plan to conduct an assassination spree on all anti-Inferno mafia leaders and personnel in the West Coast of the United States with Ein and Zwei being in the forefront working with Lizzie to carry out the assassinations on the orders of its top leaders under insistence from Claudia. At a scene with Eren and Scythe Master, who is taking pictures of Ein for data purposes, reveals his hidden agenda to change the world using his will instead of Inferno's will and knows that God is watching everything that transpires to lead up to that goal. Thanks to their efforts, Inferno was able to plant their own leaders to replace those of the assassinated and solidify their influence in the area. Strangely the same dog from the previous episode shows up once at the beginning of the episode at Ein and Zwei's apartment and again at the grave where Tony Stone and his family lay.