At School, Reiji seems out of touch to Mio and her friends. In the meantime, Eren has arranged for a boat to pick her and Reiji up in 5 days. Lizzie notices Drei has disappeared along with some weapons, although Scythe doesn't seem too unhappy with that, she goes to look for her. During her search, Lizzie's memories from Drei's (Cal's) training are shown. Lizzie feels obligated to protect Cal, as she is young and being manipulated by Scythe. While on a date, Reiji tells Mio that he is glad that the girl who punched him (Cal/Drei) is still alive, although he doesn't reveal any of the story to her. As Mio gets back home from the date, she is approached by Drei. Drei goes against Inferno and forces Mio to get on her bike at gunpoint, and is soon stopped by Lizzie. During their conversation, Drei mentions her intent to kill Mio so that the bosses can ignore her safety and allow Drei to kill Zwei. Lizzie points her gun at Drei and says she cannot let civilians die, and that both she and Zwei never wanted Cal to become an assasin. Cal gives Lizzie a chance to shoot her while the music from her watch is playing. Lizzie remembers Claudia and Romero and the young Cal, and refuses to shoot. When the music is over Cal pulls out her gun, shoots her, and leaves her to die. As she lays there dying, she feels that the burden of killing was too heavy to bear. Drei takes Mio to an abandoned house, where she plans to keep her for the next few days. While there, she tells her the truth about Reiji, and about who Mio's father really is - the head of the Godo family. Drei calls Reiji and threatens to kill Mio if he escapes. Eren and Reiji decide to act separately - Reiji will go along with Drei's wishes, while Eren goes underground to take her out and rescue Mio. Eren believes that Drei's lack of ability to control her emotions will give her and Reiji the upper hand. Shiga from the Godo family goes to Scythe demanding that Mio be returned immediately, and Scythe assures him that he will take care of things. It is revealed that he will use his newest army of Phantoms for the job, who he claims are highly rational and incapable of losing.