In the final episode Eren and Reiji battle against Scythe master phantoms. techniques shown from the first arc where Eren was training Reiji comes into play when she ights against Scythe masters phantoms and evetually defeats them. Reiji overcomes his enemies with the help of Cal's pocket watch. Eren finally gets the courage to kill Scythe master and Eren and Reiji escape from Japan. Mcgvwire gets the message that Scythe master and drei lost and with so much evidence left inferno will evetually be finished but has one final task before that happens that is to kill Reiji. Reiji and elen set out to find her past and end up in Mongolia as hinted in the travel brochure throughout the series. Eren finally realizes that this is her homeland and where she belongs and Reiji realizes that his final task has been done and walk away. They have their final thoughts. Reiji's only wish was to make Eren smile truly from her heart. Eren has finally found her homeland and filled with the memories of them together. As two men riding a horse drown carage pass by, you hear the sound that is all too familiar in Phantom, a single silent shot from a silenced pistol and Reiji is shot. Reiji looks at Eren one last time; she turned around and smiled at him truly from within her heart. The flowers that are surrounding Eren is a type of poisonous flowers. Eren was last seen lying lifelessly and smiling at the sky right next to a flower that was missing a petal and the shell of the gun.