"Shūmaku" (終幕)

Season 1, Episode 10
Air date June 4, 2009
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Reiji in the interrogtation room remembers a talk he had with Eren in the car about how she would react to the name Eren. When the memory we return to the interrogation room, Reiji has to kill Scythe Master therefore he has to use Zwei's assassination skills and power but he has trouble controlling it and acts weird sitting down in the interogation chair. Lizzie and her group are dispatched by Claudia with the objective being to assassinate Scythe Master, upon learning of his whereabouts. Although reluctantly, Claudia insists Lizzie also admits Reiji into the assassination team and are dispatched to the wharf in San Francisco to kill Scythe Master who is being protected by militia of a former acquaintance. As a result of Reiji accepting the gun and agreeing to kill Scythe Master, he is also empowering Zwei while also rejecting him. Reiji's only goal is to kill Scythe Master. When he finally makes contact with Scythe Master, Eren is also with him but Reiji realizes that all his effort to make Eren independent has been faltered by Scythe Master. Reiji loses track of Scythe Master and Eren after Lizzie engages them. Eren agrees to protect Scythe Master's escape. Reiji get fedup and uses Zwei's true power and is able to track Scythe Master's movements and is able to phantom shift. Reiji using Zwei's power while also rejecting him goes haywire. Eren witnesses her master's situation. He corners Scythe Master and when he fires the killing shot Eren at the Last second takes the bullet for him, Reiji looks on in disgrace and sadness as Eren falls into the sea. Reiji drops to his knees unable to do anything and in shock Scythe Master shoots him declaring that this was an interesting finale for battle between him and Ein. All Scythe Master's reinforcements were defeated but Scythe Master himself escaped to Claudia's surprise. As Reiji sinks into the ocean he remembers his promise to make Eren truly smile and live her life as a normal girl. At the end Reiji is seen on a beach lifeless as the sun rises.