"Bōrei" (亡霊)

Season 1, Episode 12
Air date June 18, 2009
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Six months later, Reiji has just taken down the No.2 man in the Gambino family in his latest assignment, leaving Inferno sole control of the East Coast and spreading fear to the criminal underworld. Reiji by his own will decided to stay and work for Claudia but what he really wants is to protect the innocent from Inferno's rampage The outside world is aware of the assassinations called phantom assassinations but that's all they know. Claudia as per her plan receives permission from McGuire to directly handle negotiations with the Goto clan in order to control the monopoly of exports to Japan. The Goto clan was the same ones she conspired with to set her plans in motion. When she and Reiji go off to meet representatives of the Goto clan in Isaac's territory, they find that all the men, including some of Isaac's, are killed by a professional assassin. Reiji finds a passerby killed in the crossfire. He removes the cover and it was revealed to be a woman with her arms folded peacefully, Reiji because of his nature appears to have been moved by the scene. Finding out from Lizzie, the woman was actually a peaceful woman with no knives harmful items in her apartment but had a roommate. He returns later to the scene to mourn, bringing flowers with him (when he first enters the scene there are leafless trees surrounding the area), there he finds a girl named Cal Devens, (a scene of the two of them is shown with her kneeling down praying and with him in the background looking at her, also the trees behind him seems to have divine life on them since they appear leafless and dead and in another instant the with divine life . Reiji calmly stoops down in prayer next to the girl who tells him that it was her sister Judy who was killed. She tells Reiji that she knows who killed Judy and insists on working with him to investigate. Reiji didn't want to take her but seeing that she was a potential witness also a victim of inferno he takes Cal with him to protect her from inferno and to avenge Judy.