2 years have passed since Reiji and Eren escaped America and have settled themselves in a small town in Japan. They try to live out their lives normally and enroll in school. One day, Reiji is dragged by one of his classmates, Sanae, to meet her friend Mio Fujieda, who attempts to confess her feelings for him. After a conversation, both of them agree to go on a date. During their date, Reiji and Mio encounter a biker who does a harmless sneak attack. Reiji goes to a church where Eren is praying. Reiji explains the situation to her, that Inferno has found them. They have a discussion where Eren reveals that during her time with Scythe master he investigated the Goto Clan to use them for his own ends, Mio's real surname is actually Goto, which means she belongs to the yakuza family, the Goto clan and that she was Daisuke's half sister, they were both from different mother's and because the Goto clan is very important to Inferno and to Shiga the new leader and the one who killed Daisuke, Mio will become a vital trump card for the battle against Inferno. Eren's intention is to be Mio's friend so that she can use her as leverage and encourages Reiji to do the same if the Goto clan and Inferno ever catch up to them. Reiji had become saddened that everything has come back to the way it was but Eren comforts him, she also mentions that he still hadn't remembered something that had made him even more depressed, this something was Cal but Eren was happy because he forgot since he is happier that way. The pair begin to make plans for their escape. The next day, Reiji goes home from school and encounters the biker again, who produces a familiar pocket watch and plays its tune. To his shock, Reiji instantly recognizes the tune. The biker steps up, Reiji feels a dark evil around him but couldn't believe that she's alive, the biker takes of the helmet and reveals that she is none other than Cal Devens older now and very much alive.