"Namae" (名前)

Season 1, Episode 9
Air date May 28, 2009
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Sudden Change
Reiji, now rejecting his Phantom self Zwei, escapes with Ein while the rest of Inferno gets worked up on finding Scythe Master. Ein had planned to commit suicide by shooting herself as she had no place to call home before Reiji stops her from killing herself. He consoles her and gives her a new name and identity of her own: Eren. Eren encounters Scythe Master in an alley after gunning down an armed man looking for her. Lizzie and Claudia capture Reiji in a parking lot when he was about to hotwire a car. Reiji was subsequently interrogated, being accused of assisting Scythe Master in rebelling against Inferno. Claudia offers Reiji assistance in saving Eren but little that he knows that he is just being manipulated by her. locked up in an unknown location, by releasing his restraints and offering him a pistol for him to use. In return, Reiji promises Claudia that he would take care of Scythe Master.