This episode is actually a summary of Cal's life with Reiji. There is a new scene revealed in this episode showing Cal's cleaning Reiji's apartment and Reiji entering to see Cal wearing a maid uniform.Coming to the end of the episode Cal fixed the old tape recorder to watch movies and she went to the video store to buy movies to watch and as she steps out of the video store a poster of a movie called back draft is shown on the glass and coincidentally a back draft is a type of explosion and this exact type of explosion happened to the apartment from the bomb planted. When Cal saw the apartment in flames she rushed to it knowing that Reiji has not come home yet and if he sees the apartment in flames he will take Cal for dead and not come back that's why she scream out his name. When all the fire were gone. Cal returns to the completely destroyed apartment to wait for Reiji hoping he would come back like he promised, but after a long wait she realizes that he won't be coming and with him gone there would be no way for them to be together since she can't enter his world. As Cal sits she plays the locket watch melody and cries. Little that she knows that this event was part of Claudia's plan against Scythe Master. While she cries there is a broken broom shown with two charms attached to still intact even after the huge explosion, these two charms symbolizes Cal and Reiji being together even if a catastrophe happens, God is the only one who knows this that why rain fell at that sad moment. Cal cries that Reiji broke his promise that he would never leave and that they would be together, Scythe Master overhears everything she said and pushes the lie that Reiji lied to her and tricked her. She finally asks who he is and at that moment Cal's chance to enter Reiji's world of darkness had come. Meanwhile, Reiji and Eren have headed to the outskirts of Mexico.