Daisuke Goto is furious over the murder of his men once again and demands an explanation with Claudia promising that she'll do everything in her power to smoke out the culprits responsible. Reiji was given the assignment to locate the culprits responsible for killing Goto's subordinates. Accepting the assignment, Reiji brings Cal along to assess the situation and determine the potential sniping locations where the assassins will use to disrupt the meeting between the Goto clan and the executives of Inferno. During the meeting, Reiji was able to gun down one of the armed assassins during his counter-sniping assignment with Cal when he finds out that the sniper he killed is Randy Weber, the right-hand man of Wisemel. However, a second sniper rifle is heard when the meeting is interrupted. Daisuke Goto and his remaining subordinates point their sidearms at the Inferno executives. Reiji doesn't know that Ein had survived, being the second sniper for interrupting the Inferno-Goto conference.