Sudden Change

"Kyūhen" (急変)

Season 1, Episode 8
Air date May 21, 2009
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The Past
Ein is dispatched to take out Inferno henchmen in a warehouse district as part of a plan Claudia to eliminate Scythe Master and take Zwei. Claudia, in summoning Zwei to her mansion, gives him his Japanese passport and reveals his real name and trueself to be Azuma Reiji. Memories from the beginning even before Zwei came to America came flowing back, all the assassinations to where he is at the moment, Azuma Reiji's has fully awakened from his long sleep withn Zwei. Azuma Reiji regrets everything Zwei has done, fully awakened now and in shock, Claudia offers him a place alongside her after revealing her feelings and that if he wants he can return to Japan. Reiji contemplates his options stay in America or return to Japan. However after a phone call to his family he realizes that he can never return to that life because of all the killing he has done and the duty entrusted to him by a certain someone to take care and protect Ein. He returns to the complex hideout to see Ein wounded after being shot by Lizzie when the two confronted each other. Reiji receives a call from Claudia, telling him that he would be killed if he would assist Ein in any way. Refusing to be intimidated, Reiji helps Ein remove the bullet from her wound before he secretly evacuates her from the complex in order to avoid being tracked down by Inferno for refusing to join with Claudia in her plans to take over Inferno and get rid of Scythe Master. During the past episode there are hints of a destiny awaiting Ein and Zwei in the form of a Mongolia brochure which will be revealed eventually.