Claudia remembers the time when Romero was dead in her arms and promises to take her memories of him to heaven, (notice before in previous episodes the reflection of her estate on the pool was normal but it didn't match the reflection and now the reflection was on top and the real world estate was at the bottom, this was the place Goto clan wanted to put Claudia. Upon reaching the rendezvous, Reiji realizes it is a trap by Daisuke Goto and his men. When Reiji tries to convince Goto of the misunderstanding, the yakuza leader reveals himself to be the one back then who attacked the Inferno Cargo and stole the cocaine to build the Goto clan market, he also reveals to Reiji and Lizzie that it was Claudia who set everything up and they all were being used by her and that Claudia has tricked his gang and wanted to take them over. Shocked by everything said Reiji stood speechless. Claudia's plan was to get Daisuke's group to join Inferno. Goto tells Reiji that Claudia used all of them as chess pieces to further her own goals. Before anything else can happen, an unknown sniper attacks all of them, killing two Goto men allowing Lizzie to escape while the rest are killed or scattered, Reiji pursues the attacker and comes face to face with Eren. But Eren, now reverting to her Ein persona, warns him that Inferno will kill him before escaping. Reiji couldn't believe what's happening but realizes it all boils down to one man, the reason Eren reverted back to Ein and doing all the horrible things, Scythe master. The yakuza Daisuke survives the attack and remembers Mio, his sister, who was separated from the family, he remembers that he and Shiga, his brother and second in command were part of a world that mio can't be a part of because of her innocence and makes Shiga to promise to watch over mio should anything happen to him. Daisuke wants revenge on Inferno but Shiga already made plans with Scythe Master should this event occur he will kill Daisuke preventing war between Inferno and the Goto clan. He kills him to prove the Goto group's loyalty to Inferno due to Scythe Master's manipulations. Lizzie goes to Claudia's mansion but finds it empty. Reiji rushes back to the apartment to Cal, he hears her voice in his head saying to stay alive. He remembers her telling him how she loves him and that he gave her everything she ever wanted. He reaches the apartment and sees a light on thinking Cal is in side but to Reiji's horror the apartment blows up, leaving Reiji to think Cal had died.