Daisuke Godo is a member of the Godo yakuza family of japan.


He has black hair and a beard on his chin.Hewears a coat with purple tie.He also has dragon tatoo on his back.


He and Shiga Tooru was working with Claudia McCunnen and they had several deals with her. They even helped her frame Scythe master and his troops attacked Lizzie Garland and Infero members disguised as scythe's soldiers.

Later they again had a deal with inferno(Claudia to be accurate) and the deal was set in Issac Wisemel's territory.And the yakuza member was found dead.He again comes to America to talk with inferno and one of their members are assasinated by Ein.

During the meeting with inferno leaders Ein using a Gepárd M1 Anti-materiel rifle destroys a statue that makes the yakuza think inferno was trying to kill Daisuke and aimed guns at inferno members and Claudia taking the chance kills Isaac and frames him.

He again appears at a railway station threatening Lizzie to call Zwei. When zwei came he aims his Berreta 93R at zwei and shows his picture at the hotels and calls him the killer. Zwei rejects his accusations and when he aims at Lizzie,Ein came and sniped down the yakuza members and injured him. He then meets shiga and learns they are only ones alive however shiga betray him and shots him after Shiga said how much he admired Daisuke.



Shia tooru-best freind and worked as an adviser

Mio Fujieda