Reiji met Cal at a bloody crime scene. Reiji and Claudia went on an assignment to receive 5 million dollars from the Godo gang group for cocaine. However, upon arriving at the scene, they find several dead bodies. This was unexpected as the dealing occurred in Isaac's territory and was assumed one of the most safest places for Inferno. 

Reiji realizes that everyone was killed by a professional assassin. Reiji tells Claudia to leave the scene and head for safety-- he would do the clean up. After moving the bodies into the truck of a car, Reiji notices a body in the ally removes the cover and it is revealed to be a woman with her arms folded peacefully. After reporting the incident to McGuire and the rest of Inferno, Lizzie undergoes an investigating of the incident. Lizzie finds out that the woman was a prostitute, yet peaceful, with no harmful items in her apartment. Reiji returns later to the scene to mourn, bringing flowers with him.

There, he finds a girl named Cal Devens. Reiji calmly stoops down in prayer next to the girl who tells him that it was her sister, Judy, who was killed. She tells Reiji that she knows who killed Judy and insists on working with him to investigate. Reiji doesn't want to take her but seeing that she is a potential witness and victim of Inferno, he takes Cal with him to protect her from Inferno and to avenge Judy.

Time SkipEdit

Two and a half years have passed and Reji and Elen have fled to Japan to led normal lives, although they know their peace is coming to an end shortly. Cal is the new Phantom and her hate for Reiji drove her to hunt him down. The sign of Cal appearing in Japan all of the sudden awakens Reiji and Elen from their dream. Cal is beyond angry and upset at Reiji for leaving her behind and taking off with Elen. What she doesn't know, however, is that Reiji truly thought she perished in the bombing that claimed their apartment. Even still, she hung on to his promise that he would never leave her.

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