Scythe Master is a tall German scientist. He is usually seen wearing glasses and a lab coat. He appears to be late 30s, mid 40s.


Born Helmut von Giuseppe. He was originally a researcher in Germany with a P.H.D. in psychology and brain development. Having gone to the underworld and black market, he goes by the name Scythe Master. 

Sycthe has sadistic delusions of grandeur and views the world as a stage. He is the creator of Ein, Zwei, Drei, and the members of the Zahlenschwestern. He himself refers to him as a puppet master and the tools he creates are just that, mere tools.

In the beginning of the series, he is seen as Claudia's subordinate, however, he expresses his hate for that woman and seeks the day that he will no longer take orders from her. For now, he plays along, hoping to attain his own goals. 


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