We first see Tony takeing care of a drug dealer in Melanie Square as Simon Gant, a police officer, shows up and takes him off hands. Tony then goes and sees he wife Eva and his son Duke. Then we see Tony speaking with a member of Inferno. Inferno whats Melanie Square, but the Square as Tony says "Melanie Square belongs to my family, and everyone in the square, whether they live here or work there, is like a member of that family." The Inferno agent leaves and Tony sends his men to find out who the Inferno leader is. They come back with information that Inferno has deep roots in all the west coast mafia families. Out-numbered Tony still resists Inferno. Knowing that the square and his family will be in danger Tony wages war on Inferno. He attempts to kill Claudia McCunnen during a meeting with her but Ein was outside with a sniper and stopped his assassins. At this time Zwei kills both Eva Stone and Duke Stone. Claudia gets away and Tony heads to Eva and Duke to find they both have been killed. At their funeral Simon Gant shows up and tells Tony not to do what he is about to do. Tony has one more plan, to kill the gang members that would benefit most from joining Inferno. Zwei and Ein infiltrate a party being held by one of the Stone families rivals and frame the Stone family for it. Zwei and Ein then go after that families boss and make it look like a drive-by shooting. With someone to blame for Tony's death Inferno bribes Anton Claude, Tony's second in command, to kill Tony. Anton accepts and kills Tony and Simon Gant will take credit for it.


  • Eva Stone is Tony's wife.
  • Duke Stone is Tony's son.

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